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Flash Deals

Tarry Brae and Lochmor recognize our customers by offering “Flash Deals.”  These deals will be released the day prior to play (in most cases) and be a great value for you and your friends.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the newest and latest flash deals.

The Fallsburg Challenge – Save the Date.

Currently, there is a club challenge being organized that will include both members, and also league players.

The tournament will include randomly teaming up “A” players with “B” players for a 36 hole stroke play tournament.  80% handicaps will be honored.  Each team will be valued at $80 per team, $40 per player.

Details of the event are forthcoming, please inquire in the shop, with Mike, Geoff, Scotty or Nate.

The Date of the event will be August 10, and 11th.  This include 18 holes at Tarry Brae and 36 Holes at Lochmor.

Coming Around!

After a spring filled with tons of rain, we are finally starting to firm up.  Our greens are drying out and the course is beginning to look in mid-season form.  Be sure to come out and play, while enjoying our great lunch specials throughout the week.

Tarry Brae – Match Play.

Tarry Brae is currently organizing a weekend of Match Play.  Anyone interested in entering with a two man team, please contact either Scotty Herman, Glenn or Mike.

We have not set any dates, and are lookinhbto gauge interest before moving forward.

The format would be similar to the Democrat tournament.

Weather is Gloomy

May has not cooperated with local golfers.  The spring has brought in more of a British type setting than what we normally expect.

Having said that, the great news is that with the purchase of 2 brand new electric greens mowers, even with the gloomy weather, the greens are rolling better than they have in recent memory.

When the pro Glenn was asked his thoughts on the greens, he stated ” if the green speed continues to increase,  we will have to be careful with pin placements.”

The greens at “the brae” are severely sloped in many areas, which can make putting treacherous if the greens are rolling over an 11 on the still.

Stay tuned.  Tarry Brae may play like a whole differ course if the greens continue to improve.

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